This Chicken Is Totally Black from Head to Toe. Even the Meat, Bones, and Organs Are Black!

Get ready to see the most awesome chicken ever. This rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about this chicken. But once you learn about it, you’ll

They Were Just Walking Around A Mall When Suddenly Something Weird Fell From Above

People were just going about their day, spending some time at the mall, when all of a sudden, something appeared in the sky. It was hundreds of tiny parachutes, each one containing a note with a heartwarming

Children All Around The World Play In Many Different Ways. These Images are Beautiful and Superb

Oh, to be a child again! If only you could actually go back to a time when every day seemed like a holiday and everything from a windswept box to a water buffalo could become the source

How Do You Teach Children About Fire Safety? Why, You Set Them Ablaze, Of Course. That’s How These Guys Do It.

In a primary school in Binzhou, China, they take fire safety classes very seriously, as they should. After all, everyone wants their students to be well prepared to deal with a fire, should they find themselves into

This Simple Test Will Determine How Likely You Are To Die Soon

If you’re wondering how much time you have left on this lovely planet of ours, this is the test for you… kind of. It is called the sitting-rising test. While nothing will be able to tell you

Fried Shrimp in Three Seconds Flat

Meanwhile in Japan, the most metal way to make fried shrimp ever. The live action demonstration was a spot for Japanese telecom Docomo as a memorable way to tout their high-speed LTE cellular network. No computer graphics