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Doctor Has An Entertaining Method Of Keeping A Baby Laughing While Getting Shots

Getting shots can be a traumatizing experience for a baby. More often than not, it ends with tears and screams. To make the experience as nice as possible for his toddler patients, this awesome doctor has come

Volunteers Form Human Wall to Guide Baby Turtles to Sea

To protect newly hatched sea turtles, a group of volunteers came together and did something incredible. They formed a human wall around the nest; the corridor they created led directly into the ocean. Because baby sea turtles

15 Things Girls Who Lift Are Tired Of Hearing

No, I am not scared of looking like a man. 1. “I don’t want to build muscle, I just want to look toned.” Seriously? What is “toned”? Where do you think “toned” comes from? The magical “toned”

Beautiful Video of 30 European Countries In Under 5 Minutes

Watch a 30 Country Timelapse Tour of Europe. One family, 2 cameras, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ timelapse videos, 200,000+ images and almost 20 terabytes of data. An amazing compilation of timelapse videos shot over the last

6 Year Old Amazing Indian Boy Breaks Limbo Skating World Record By Skating Under 39 Cars

How low can he go? Boy, 6, breaks world record after he rollerskates under 39 cars parked just five inches off the ground. Gagan Satish has taught himself how to limbo while rollerskating. He trains every day

Wedding Photos in Dramatic Conditions

Here are couples who turned bad weather and even fire into awesome wedding photos. For better, for worse. This couple in the Philippines got married during heavy rain and floods. A beautiful wedding photo in the rain.