Daily Archive: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Incredible Body Paintings By Gesine Marwedel Transform People Into Animals And Organs

Gesine Marwedel is a brilliant body painting artist based in Germany who creates both beautiful and terrifying pieces of art right on the models who serve as her living canvases. Gesine Marwedel is a master of painting

This Guy Officially Took The Best Selfie Ever. You’ll Never Believe How He Did It…WOW.

Traveler Alex Chacon has officially won the selfie game. Armed with a Go Pro camera and a motorcycle, he visited 36 countries, took a 360 degree panoramic selfie video in each one, and compiled them all into

This Cat Can Open Booby-Trapped Doors

Nobody Believed Him When He Said That His Cat Can Open Booby-Trapped Doors. So He Filmed THIS! This cat owner is scared of his kitten, Mulder. The reason? The mischievous kitten has an unusual talent for opening

Stray Dog Refuses to Leave Helpless Kitten’s Side

Goldie the stray shih-tzu was found in Anderson, South Carolina, barking in a ravine. Those who found her thought she was stuck, tangled in the briars. It turns out, she wasn’t stuck at all. She was watching

There’s A Secret Island Where Unexpected Animals Swim With Humans…And You Must Go There NOW!

It’s decided: there is no better combination than adorable pigs and a tropical island. There exists on this humble planet a place where humans and wild pigs can frolic on a tropical beach together. It’s on Big

These Comical Tips Are Perfect For Anyone Who Has No Clue What To Do With A Baby

Being a new parent can be tough, but thankfully, a book called Safe Baby Handling Tips is here to save the day… and maybe your child. Authors David and Kelly Sopp have joined forces to create hilarious