Daily Archive: Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An Artist And 2 Models Went To Terrifying Depths To Take Haunting Photos

Photographer Ben Von Wong embarked on a dangerous shoot 75 feet underwater. He and a group of scuba diving models submerged descended next to a sunken ship off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. Wearing only white dresses

All Religions Agree – Treat Others As You Would Yourself

There Is One Thing That All Religions Agree On, And It’s The Most Important Aspect. If Everyone Did This, We would be in a very much better place. The world is filled with constant conflicts between countries,

You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Is Serving Around The World. I Had No Idea They Were This Creative.

If you’re looking for some fine fast food dining while travelling abroad, you might want to stop by a McDonalds. The American fast food staple kicks things up a notch with some surprisingly creative dining options overseas.

Miniature Donkeys are the CUTEST Things Ever

The miniature donkeys at the Amelia Rise Donkey farm in Australia are some of the cutest creatures on this earth. They are small, they are happy and they are fuzzy. Prepare for your blood pressure to be