Daily Archive: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Teddy-Bear Toast Stamp Will Make Your Breakfast So Cute

I have to buy one of these! Everyone knows Japan as a global leader in the robotics and technology market, but there’s another market they seem to have cornered as well – cute food. This teddy-bear toast

Town in Brazil made up entirely of women has made an appeal for bachelors (but only those willing to live by female rules!)

Noiva do Cordeiro is home to more than 600 women, most of them under 35. Some are already married but their husbands must live and work elsewhere. But that means there is a shortage of eligible suitors

Picture Of The Day – Lionesses At The Watering Hole

These are two white lion sub-adult lionesses in Motswari Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Here are some more pictures of white lions: Cute white lion cubs: and the 2 lionessess again: Please share with your friends and