Daily Archive: Sunday, October 4, 2015

These Are The 22 Most Amazing Places On The Planet. From First To Last…Wow!

There are places on this great planet, so unspoiled and majestic, they leave us in awe. They are not relegated to any particular region or climate and span the globe across all seven continents. But some just

This Woman Was Surprised With A Free Vacation. But Just Wait For Her REAL Surprise!

This man took the surprise proposal to a whole other level. He planned a whole surprise wedding with the help of Belgian airline Thomas Cook, just wait for her reaction! Over Valentines Day, Thomas Cook airlines posted

When They Found This Leopard With His Head Stuck, Brave Locals Stepped Up To Help

When locals from a village in India discovered this poor leopard, the big cat looked more like Winnie the Pooh than any fierce feline. Just like that silly old bear, the curious leopard’s head was stuck inside