An Artist Drew These With Just A Pencil

Can you believe these were drawn with just a pencil? Paul Stowe is an artist currently based out of Shanghai, China. The artist is well-known on deviantART where he goes by the moniker Paul-Shanghai.

Stowe uses a combination of traditional and mechanical pencils along with erasers, blending stumps/sticks and tissue to create his hyperrealistic drawings. Many of the drawings are based on source images found online. I have listed the sources where available.

1. Running Water
4B pencil, eraser, blending stump
Source photo by Aaron Kneile


2. Eye Splash
Mechanical 4B Pencil, traditional pencils 4H to 8B, erasers
Source photos by s-horizon, gyuszi02


3. Absorption
HB 4B and 8B pencils, erasers, tissue and blender
50 cm x 46 cm on bristol board
Source photo via Christophe Miossec

4. Water Dragon
0.5mm Mechanical 4B pencil, blending stump, eraser
70 cm x 40 cm, paper

5. Splash
4B 0.5mm pencil, traditional 4H to 6B pencils, erasers and blending stump

6. Mads Mikkelsen (aka Hannibal)
8B, HB and 4H traditional pencils, 4B 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, eraser, blending stump
7. Freedom!!!____Oh No!
Mechanical 4B pencil, 8B & 4H Traditional, tissue paper to blend

freedom oh no by paul stowe
8. Jude Law Portrait

jude law by paul stowe
9. Cheers!!
4H, HB, 2B and 8B, Mechanical Pencil 4B (0.5mm), Eraser
cheers by paul stowe
To see the complete gallery, check out Paul Stowe on deviantART.

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