How Do You Teach Children About Fire Safety? Why, You Set Them Ablaze, Of Course. That’s How These Guys Do It.

In a primary school in Binzhou, China, they take fire safety classes very seriously, as they should. After all, everyone wants their students to be well prepared to deal with a fire, should they find themselves into one, and get out of it unscathed. Well, I don’t think I’ll be going too far out on a limb when I say that these kids will be as prepared as anyone.

Why? Well, training in this primary school consists not merely in a fire emergency simulation, but in nearly lighting the students themselves on fire. As you are about to see, students are covered with blankets and then instructed to walk beneath ropes that have been set on fire. It is as real as it gets and I am fairly certain that these student will remember their lessons very, very well.

1. A student put under a blanket walks under fire during a safety awareness class in a primary school in Binzhou, China as their teacher observes.

Teach Kids About Fire Safety01

2. The flames are burning hot and smoke is filling the air, as the students take their turn in walking under the blaze.

Teach Kids About Fire Safety02

3. A teacher guides the student beneath the burning ropes to ensure all is well.

Teach Kids About Fire Safety03

4. Students looking on cover their mouths to protect themselves from the smoky air.

Teach Kids About Fire Safety04

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