These 19 Unusual Horses Have The Most Magnificent Colors You’ll Ever See!

Horses are as strong as they are majestic, and are undeniably one of the most beautiful animals on Earth. They’re also very diverse and come in a surprisingly large variety of colors. In this list are some of the rarest variations of horse color that exist… I’ve been around horses my whole life, and some of these I hadn’t even heard of before. They’re stunning!

The Cremello Akhal-Teke

01 The Cremello Akhal-Teke

Dappled Grey

02 Dappled Grey

They may seem fairly common, but grey horses are actually the result of artificial breeding selection. All grey horses’ hair eventually fades to white, but a grey horse’s skin is black, whereas a white horse’s skin is pink.


03 Pinto

The definition of a pinto is white with another color.


04 Perlino


05 Buckskin

Buckskin Pinto

06 Buckskin Pinto

Silver Dapple Pinto

07 Silver Dapple Pinto


08 Tack-N-Tails-Two-Horses-One-Body-Chimerism-Horse

Red Rabicano

09 Red Rabicano


10 Sabino

Silver Buckskin

11 Silver Buckskin

Sooty on Buckskin

12 Sooty on Buckskin


13 Grullo

This is a buckskin variation.

Classic Champagne

14 Classic Champagne

Gold champagne

15 Gold champagne

Bay Brindle

16 Bay Brindle

Grey Brindle

17 Grey Brindle

Chocolate Flaxen

18 Chocolate flaxen

Leopard Spots

19 Leopard spots

An Appaloosa variation

Blue Roan

20 Blue Roan

Red Roan

21 Red Roan

I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without seeing a Silver Buckskin!

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