This Man Holds The World Record In Diving. He Can Go Without Breathing For 22 MINUTES!

What this man can do is truly extraordinary, as well as unmatched. It is really hard to believe that he can achieve such a feat — I mean, even the fittest of humans aren’t supposed to be able to survive for more than a couple of minutes without breathing, aren’t we?

Well, evidently we can do much better than that, or at least Stig Severinsen can. Nicknamed The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe, he is the holder of multiple world records in diving. To control his breathing, Mr. Severinsen uses his ‘State of Zen’ technique, which allows him to hold his breath underwater for astonishing 22 minutes.

But he doesn’t just lie around underwater, waiting for the time to expire. Mr. Severinsen also holds the world record for the longest underwater swim, going 500ft (152m 40cm) in two minutes and 11 seconds. The 41-year-old Dane from Aalborg says:

After holding my breath for 22 minutes I actually feel quite OK. The most stressful time is usually before the dive but then I get into my zone.

I’ve always loved water — from splashing around as a baby to trying to grab as many rubber animals in a single breath.

Mr. Severinsen has written a book titled Breatheology, which is aimed at helping people to discover their “inner dolphin”, which the author defines as a state of mind to help control breathing underwater. He explains:

Your heart rate drops, blood pressure changes and your mind shifts. This helps alter your brainwave activity alters and you feel in perfect happy balance with your life.

You have to get into a truly meditative state where you leave all your troubles behind. To do this I like to focus on one subject –something like a loved-one or a journey I’ve taken.

Such a phenomenal achievement and I do hope that many people will learn from The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe. (Scroll down for the videos.)

1. Stig Severinsen has written a book called Breatheology which helps people find their ‘inner dolphin’ – a state of mind to help control breathing underwater.

01 Stig Severinsen

2. Great Dane Stig Severinsen swam almost 170 yards underwater in just two minutes and 11 seconds.

02 Stig Severinsen

3. While those around him use flippers and breathing apparatus, Stig Severinsen merely needs a pair of goggles.

03 Stig Severinsen

4. ‘You have to get into a truly meditative state where you leave all your troubles behind’.

04 Stig Severinsen

5. The cold does not seem to bother Stig Severinsenas he jumps into a whole cut into the ice.

05 Stig Severinsen

6. Stig Severinsen with Doctor Martin after his 22 minutes underwater stint.

06 Stig Severinsen

7. Stig Severinsen during his World Record attempt.

07 Stig Severinsen

And here are the videos:


Share this man’s amazing achievements with your friends below — if anything can inspire them to work on their physical and emotional health, this will.

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